Archive: August, 2015
Knight Rifles Back From Africa Tony Martins

Knight Rifles Muzzleloader Hunting in Africa

Avid hunter and friend of Knight Rifles Tony Martins recently returned from a hunting expedition to Africa. With his trusty Mountaineer in hand he managed to score some great trophies during his time there. Although he did not get a chance to hunt buffalo as he had hoped, he did take 3 of the animals […]

trent cole mountaineer blitz tv

Trent Cole and Blitz TV prove once again why Knight Muzzleloaders are the best

It’s no secret that Trent Cole is an extremely talented linebacker but something else you may not know – he is also an avid outdoorsman that loves his Knight Muzzleloaders. Trent’s passion for hunting shines through in his reality TV show Blitz TV. He and his crew travel the country in pursuit of game big and […]