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Welcome to Knight – Getting to know your rifle

Whether you’re considering the purchase of a new Knight Muzzleloader or you have owned one for 20 years, you made the best choice when it comes to the most reliable, accurate and safe modern muzzleloader on the market. Being a member of the Knight family means you are now part of the tradition of the past with the […]

South Africa Hunt Sunset

A Hunt for Greater Kudu in South Africa

A hunt for greater kudu on foot is difficult under ideal conditions – after all, they’re called the “Grey Ghost” for several good reasons. They are brown-grey in color, elusive, smart, have excellent hearing, and remarkable ability to hide in thickets considering their large size (mature bulls can weigh up to 700 lbs.). Conditions for […]

The Ultimate Backcountry Muzzleloader Ultra-Lite Ultimate

The Ultimate Backcountry Muzzleloader

By James Petker, Rokslide Prostaff One of the most overlooked hunting opportunities in North America is the muzzleloader seasons. As an opportunistic hunter, I have keyed in to this fact and taken advantage of some tremendous limited entry and general season hunts and have been lucky enough to notch tags on some respectable animals while doing […]