Archive: December, 2015

Welcome to Knight – The Littlehorn

In this part of the Welcome to Knight series we are going to discuss the Knight Littlehorn Muzzleloader. The Littlehorn Muzzleloader is perfect for the up-and-coming muzzleloader hunter or small adult. The little brother to the Bighorn, the Littlehorn offers shorter stock options and a barrel to fit the smaller hunter. This short but nimble […]

Welcome to Knight – The TK2000

The TK2000 Realtree Xtra Green Straight Stock Muzzleloader is the most advanced black powder shotgun on the market, the TK2000® features an exclusive extra-full choke and a beautiful Realtree Xtra Green camo pattern. Designed for 40 yards and beyond, the choke allows 85% shot density in a 30″ circle at 40 yards! If you’re looking […]

Welcome to Knight – The Bighorn

In this part of the Welcome to Knight series we visit the versatile and reliable Bighorn. The Bighorn Muzzleloader offers a lot of gun at an affordable price. The Bighorn ® uses a simple cocking system to provide easy performance, with lightning quick speed and nimble characteristics. The plunger style action ensures a reliable fire, while the […]

Welcome to Knight – The Vision

The Vision Break Action Muzzleloader is a great .50 cal. rifle with no casted components and an unbelievably smooth fully machined trigger, the quality you always get when you buy a Knight. Your shots are guaranteed at 200 yards with the Vision. The handcrafted, American-made, Green Mountain® barrel ensures every shot is powerful, fast, and […]