Field & Stream Adds The Knight MK-85 To The 50 Best Guns Ever Made List

“Tony Knight is another country gunsmith who changed the way things are done. In 1985, he built a muzzleloader with the nipple at the rear of the barrel, directly behind the powder charge instead of alongside. This made ignition far more reliable and began the Great Blackpowder Revolution, which has resulted in muzzleloaders that are practically as accurate, reliable, and fast to load as cartridge-firing arms. All this drives traditionalists mad. But ordinary hunters love it.” Field & Stream

Knight Muzzleloaders, Rich In History

At Knight Rifles we are proud of our rich heritage and influence we’ve had in the development of the modern day in-line muzzleloader. Our rifles not only have a place in history but have found a home in the hands of men, women and youth around the country. All of our rifles are 100% waterproof when combined with our 209 Full Plastic Jacket system. No other company can make this claim. We believe their is nothing better than a Knight Muzzleloader and that our case has been proven time and time again. Knight Rifles is the only company to have won the prestigious Manufactures Match at the NMLRA Range in Friendship, Indiana six consecutive years in a row. Putting it simply, We Can’t Be Beat. The introduction of the MK-85 into Field & Streams “The 50 Best Guns Ever Made” further confirms that when you select a Knight as your muzzle-loader of choice, you can’t go wrong. From all of us at Knight Rifles, we welcome you to the sport of muzzle-loading and look forward to hearing from you.

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Knight Rifles, America’s Muzzleloader!

By Jones Beene