Knight Ultra Lite Muzzleloader

The Knight Ultra Lite Muzzleloader is known by many to be the finest, safest, and most accurate black powder rifles ever made. This tradition continues with the Ultra-Lite Muzzleloader. Weighing in at a total of 6 lbs. the Ultra-Lite is one of the lightest muzzleloaders on the market. Each black powder rifle embodies the beauty of American manufacturing with features like ornate, individually machined bolts, carbon core ramrods, and a selection of super light Bell & Carlson Kevlar stocks that give a look and feel of perfection. In addition to the aluminum bedding in the stocks the Ultra-Lite sports a 24″ contoured free floating Green Mountain Barrel which guarantees accuracy.

The Ultra-Lite is also available as a Western ready model, equipped for legal shooting in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, and features a Williams Fully Adjustable Metallic Fiber Optic Sight Set. We are so confident in our quality and accuracy that we guarantee every Ultra-Lite made will have MOA accuracy up to 200 yards—something the competition can’t say. Every rifle is custom built by one of our Master gun builders and typically ships in 2 weeks. This combination of beauty and accuracy is only available with Knight, where from the smallest screw to the stock and barrel, everything is 100% American made.

Knight Ultra Lite Muzzleloader

Action: Patented Double Safety System, New C-Toolless, Quick Release, Removable Bolt Assembly. Removable Stainless Steel Breech Plug (see page 20 for breech plug identification for .50 caliber).

Ballistics/Recommended Loads: (see page 16)

Barrel: 24’’ Contoured Stainless Steel Green Mountain® rifle barrel

Twist Rate: .50 Caliber, 1:28’’

Ignition: Bare 209 primer ignition, Full Plastic Jackets, or #11, Musket Cap

Included In Package: Hex Head Combo Tool, Five Plug Screws, 5/32 Allen Wrench

Length and Weight: 41.75 inches, 6 lbs.

Loading: General (see page 11)

Powder: Black Powder, and industry approved black powder substitutes.(Maximum Powder Charge) 150 grains by volume, in loose or the pelleted powders.

Sights: Scope Only

Stock: Refer to current catalog

Trigger: Adjustable Knight® Trigger with Metal Trigger Guard.

Warranty: Limited Lifetime with extended service policy. (See page 45)

*Note: When using Weaver style bases, you may have to shorten the front screw of the front base (closest base and screw to the muzzle) approximately 1/16’’ for proper fit.

Welcome to Knight - The Ultra-Lite

Welcome to Knight - The Ultra-Lite

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