Trent Cole and Blitz TV prove once again why Knight Black Powder Muzzleloaders are the best

It’s no secret that Trent Cole is an extremely talented linebacker but something else you may not know – he is also an avid outdoorsman that loves his Knight Muzzleloaders.

Trent’s passion for hunting shines through in his reality TV show Blitz TV. He and his crew travel the country in pursuit of game big and small, using shotguns, bows and of course, Knight Rifles.

“Great shooting gun, very accurate.” – Trent Cole

The Knight Mountaineer is not only powerful, stylish and safe, it’s also highly accurate. The Mountaineer provides deadly stopping power, pinpoint accuracy and it looks incredible hanging over the mantle at the end of the hunting trip.

 Knight Black Powder Muzzleloaders

The Knight Rifles Mountaineer comes in many finishes and in multiple calibers and ignitions. There’s the 209 Bare Primer, Western-legal musket cap and the 100% waterproof/weather proof Full Plastic Jacket Technology, all in .45, .50, and .52 caliber options.

Trent Cole and the Blitz TV crew love their Knight Rifle Muzzleloaders and they keep them close throughout their excursions across the country.

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