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Scouting pre turkey muzzleloader hunting season

Hunting wild turkey has been around even before the European settlers arrived in North America. There are many stories that describe several Native American tribes’ hunting of the elusive game bird. But today, Turkey can be sly and hard to find, so scouting pre turkey muzzleloader hunting season is a must. The wild turkey population had been all […]

Muzzleloader Straight Pull Plunger Style Action

In this part of the Welcome to Knight series we are talking about the Muzzleloader Straight Pull Plunger Style Action – also called the Plunger Style Action – which is available on the Bighorn, Littlehorn and the TK2000 Knight muzzleloaders. The pull type system functions by pulling the hammer assembly back from the receiver until it […]

Welcome to Knight – The Littlehorn

In this part of the Welcome to Knight series we are going to discuss the Knight Littlehorn Muzzleloader. The Littlehorn Muzzleloader is perfect for the up-and-coming muzzleloader hunter or small adult. The little brother to the Bighorn, the Littlehorn offers shorter stock options and a barrel to fit the smaller hunter. This short but nimble […]

Recommended Muzzleloader Loads

In this part of our Welcome to Knight series we are talking about Recommended Muzzleloader Loads. It is very important to understand what type of loads and grains of black powder to use with your Knight Muzzleloader. Putting in too much could damage your rifle, too little and you won’t be getting the maximum result you […]


Proper Muzzleloader Loading

In part 3 of our Welcome to Knight series we will discuss Proper Muzzleloader Loading. Your Knight Rifle will always serve you well but as with knowing how to keep it clean and functioning, you need to understand exactly how to properly load and fire it. Proper Muzzleloader Loading WARNING: After your rifle has been […]

Long Range Hunter Muzzleloader Breech

Welcome to Knight – Care and Cleaning

In part two of Welcome to Knight Series we will be discussing some proper care and cleaning techniques to ensure that your Knight Rifle stays pristine and in working order. Keeping up with your muzzleloader will guarantee that you have a rifle that will last and can be handed down for generations to come. Now […]


Welcome to Knight – Getting to know your rifle

Whether you’re considering the purchase of a new Knight Muzzleloader or you have owned one for 20 years, you made the best choice when it comes to the most reliable, accurate and safe modern muzzleloader on the market. Being a member of the Knight family means you are now part of the tradition of the past with the […]

The Ultimate Backcountry Muzzleloader Ultra-Lite Ultimate

The Ultimate Backcountry Muzzleloader

By James Petker, Rokslide Prostaff One of the most overlooked hunting opportunities in North America is the muzzleloader seasons. As an opportunistic hunter, I have keyed in to this fact and taken advantage of some tremendous limited entry and general season hunts and have been lucky enough to notch tags on some respectable animals while doing […]

Final Descent Outdoors

Our friends at Final Descent Outdoors just made the record books! Pro staffer Jason Cariker has been chasing this elusive buck for over three years and yesterday this 3 year hunt came to and end. Jason (based in Stradford, OK) was able to take this massive buck in Oklahoma with his Knight Disc Extreme muzzleloader […]

The Hollywood Hunter On Sportsman Channel

The Hollywood Hunter On Sportsman Channel

Make sure to check out the Hollywood Hunter on Sportsman Channel this fall!  Inspired by his father’s love of hunting, Freddy grew to become a world class big game hunter and outdoor conservationist. His father’s mentorship as the successful creator of a global marketing company also polished Freddy’s natural charm as a businessman. Armed with […]