During the Iowa Muzzleloader Hunting Season, flintlock or percussion cap muzzleloading rifles or muskets between .44 and .775 caliber shooting single projectiles; muzzleloading pistols .44 caliber or larger with a minimum barrel length of 4 inches and no shoulder stock or long barrel modifications. Muzzleloaders equipped with electronic ignition are not allowed. There are no restrictions on in-line or disk-type muzzleloaders. Riflescopes may also be used.

Iowa Muzzleloader Hunting Season

General Muzzleloader Seasons:


Early Muzzleloader – October 14 – 22

Late Muzzleloader – Dec. 18 – Jan. 10

Iowa Muzzleloader Hunting Season

Iowa Muzzleloader Hunting Season Regulations

The popular Iowa Muzzleloader Hunting Season is an opportunity for hunters to pursue deer using muzzle loading rifles or pistols. The early muzzleloader deer season runs from Oct. 17-25.

Muzzleloader hunters should remember that well camouflaged bowhunters and others who enjoy the fall countryside will be sharing the woods with them. Hunting hours are from one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset and muzzleloader hunters are required to wear blaze orange during the Iowa Muzzleloader Hunting Season.

All deer taken must be reported using the harvest reporting system by midnight the day after the deer is recovered.  Accurately reporting your kill is an important part of the deer management program in Iowa, playing a vital role in managing deer populations and future hunting opportunities.  Hunters can report their deer online, by calling 1-800-771-4692 or at any license vendor.  For hunters with Internet access, the online reporting of your harvest is the easiest way to register your deer.

General Muzzleloader Seasons:

(Deer) October 17th-25th and December 21st- January 10th

This information is subject to change, for more information visit: http://www.iowadnr.gov/

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Muzzleloader Hunting season is the best time to shoot the biggest deer before they are spooked by the regular gun season. If you are new to muzzleloaders or would like more information on your states muzzleloader hunting regulations make sure to give us a call. Knight Rifles is focused on promoting black powder hunting in all states across the USA and can help you determine when your particular states hunting season starts. If you have questions about Iowa Muzzleloader Hunting Season, please call us at 1-866-518-4181 or email us at sales@knightrifles.com.

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