Loading And Firing

This process will help prevent misfires and hangfires. It will also improve First Shot Accuracy by removing grease and oils left in the bore during cleaning.


Make sure that all safety systems are engaged before loading and that there is no primer, live or spent, installed.

1. Place the butt of the rifle on the ground so that the muzzle is facing up and away from the body.
2. If using loose propellant, set your powder measurer to the desired amount and fill the powder measure. Pour powder into the muzzle. !WARNING! To reduce the risk of an explosion, do not pour directly from the propellant container, do not exceed recommended loads, and only load your Knight Rifle with a recommended black powder or black powder substitute. Never use smokeless powder!
3. If using pelletized powder, place the recommended number of pellets into the muzzle. !WARNING! To reduce the risk of an explosion, do not exceed recommended loads.
4. If using sabots, place the bullet firmly in the proper sabot so that the bullet’s base is squarely seated.
5. Insert the projectile and start it down the bore using a Knight Bullet Starter.
6. Using a hand-over-hand motion, drive the bullet down onto the powder charge using the concave end of the ramrod or cleaning jag. Do not pound or bounce the ramrod on the bullet. This will deform or displace the projectile, causing loss of accuracy and bullet performance. If using pelletized powder, this can also crack or crush the pellets, resulting in loss of accuracy or performance. !WARNING! If the bullet is not seated firmly on the powder charge, the rifle may explode when fired.
7. Remove your ramrod from the bore.
8. Double check that the hammer is not cocked and the decocking safety device is set to safe. Be sure the rifle is pointed in a safe direction. Press the breach lock release button and open the break action.

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