Black Ultra-Lite Muzzleloader

Starting at: $1,116.99

  • Can be ordered with Full Plastic Jacket, Bare Primer, #11 or Musket Cap, and with or without sights.
  • Washington State and Colorado laws: 209 Ignition or Western Ignition Only. Sights Only, No Optics.
  • Free Ultimate Cleaning Kit With All Rifles.
  • 100% American Made Muzzleloaders.
  • *All rifle sales have an 11% Federal Excise Tax that is included in the final price.
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Knight muzzleloaders are traditionally known by many to be the finest, safest, and most accurate black powder rifles ever made. This tradition continues with our latest rifle, the Black Ultra-Lite™ Muzzleloader. Weighing in at a total of 6 lbs. the Ultra-Lite™ is one of the lightest muzzleloaders on the market. Each black powder rifle embodies the beauty of American manufacturing with features like ornate, individually machined bolts, carbon core ramrods, and a selection of super light Bell & Carlson Kevlar stocks that give a look and feel of perfection. In addition to the aluminum bedding in the stocks the Ultra-Lite sports a 24″ contoured free floating Green Mountain Barrel which guarantees accuracy. The Ultra-Lite is also available as a Western ready model, equipped for legal shooting in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, and features a Williams Fully Adjustable Metallic Fiber Optic Sight Set. We are so confident in our quality and accuracy that we guarantee every Ultra-Lite™ made will have MOA accuracy up to 200 yards—something the competition can’t say. Every rifle is custom built by one of our Master gun builders and typically ships in 2 weeks. This combination of beauty and accuracy is only available with Knight, where from the smallest screw to the stock and barrel, everything is 100% American made.

Black Ultra-Lite™ Muzzleloader


ignition Full Plastic Jacket, 209 Bare Primer, Western No.11 & Musket Cap Nipple
caliber .50 Cal
twist rate .45/1:20 in. .50/1:28 in.
barrel type 24" Stainless Steel Contoured Free Floating
overall length 41.75 in.
length of pull 13.5 in.
weight 6 lb
sight Williams Fully Adjustable Metallic Fiber Optic Sight Set
trigger Fully Adjustable
stock finish Bell & Carlson Kevlar Spiderweb Green, Bell & Carlson Kevlar Spiderweb Black, Bell & Carlson Kevlar Spiderweb Tan

Black Ultra-Lite™ Muzzleloader features

  • Stock Finish: Bell & Carlson Kevlar Stock (available in Spiderweb Black, Green, and Tan
  • Non-Western Optics: Scope Only (sight holes are NOT pre-drilled).
  • Western Optics: Williams Fully Adjustable Metallic Fiber Optic Sight Set
  • Colorado Legal Version: Comes With Sights And Are Drilled And Tapped For Optics
  • Barrel Finish: Solid 416 Stainless Steel – Match Grade Green Mountain Barrel
  • Bolt: Individually Machined (Not Cast) With Jeweling
  • Ram Rod: Easton Carbon Core Ramrod With Reverse Threaded Extendable Full Brass Jag
  • Weather Protection: DynaTek Coating On Bore & Exterior Of The Barrel, or with LiFe Nitride Finish
  • Accuracy: Guaranteed MOA Accuracy to 200 yards!



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Please Note:

The Firearms and Ammunition Excise Tax (FAET) is a tax imposed by Chapter 32 of the Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. 4181) on the sale of firearms and ammunition by manufacturers, producers, and importers. Black powder rifles are considered a firearm under this tax code. The FAET tax is included in the price of your muzzle-loader.

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