Bloodline 52 Cal 350 Grain Muzzleloader Bullets


  • .52 Caliber Muzzleloader Bullets
  • 350 Grain
  • Pre-Saboted
  • 20 Pack
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Introducing the all NEW Bloodline 52 Cal 350 Grain Muzzleloader Bullets! These .52 Cal muzzle-loader bullets come in a 20 pack box and are pre-saboted.

Bloodline 52 Cal 350 Grain Muzzleloader Bullets step beyond tradition. Utilizing forefront ballistic technology, Lehigh Defense has developed the next generation is expansion bullets- exclusively for Knight Rifles.

Bloodline 52 Cal 350 Grain Muzzleloader Bullets

  • 20 Pack Box, .52 Cal, 350 Grain, Pre-Saboted Muzzleloader Bullets.
  • Individually Machined – Each bullet is produced individually on a precision CNC lathe.
  • Doubled Knurled for Stability – Creates a precision match between the bullet and sabot.
  • Increased Blood Trails – Greater increase in visual blood trails – Optimized Ballistic Coefficient.
  • Designed to accommodate current twist rates – State of the art Performance.
  • Unlike any muzzleloader bullet on the market – 6:1 Segmenting Expansion Bullet
  • Petals are sharp and easily slice through tissue, creating increased organ damage.
  • Brass no-void Bullet – Each bullet is produced from solid materials leaving no voids, unlike traditional cast bullets.
  • Recommended for: Medium to Light Skin Game

New to Bloodline 52 Cal 350 Grain Muzzleloader Bullets? Not sure which grain combination is perfect for your next kill? Click here for our .50 Cal Sample Pack, which features 4 bullets each of 220 grain, 250 grain, 275 grain, and 300 grain. With the Bloodline .50cal Sample Pack you are sure to find the perfect muzzle-loader bullet for your next hunt.


Grains & TypeRange (yd)Velocity (ft/s)Energy (ft/lb)Total DropBullet Path

Muzzleloader Bullet Questions?

If you have questions about our Bloodline 52 Cal 350 Grain Muzzleloader Bullets, please call us at 1-866-518-4181 or email us at sales@knightrifles.com.

Knight Rifles, America’s Muzzleloader!

This product contains lead, a chemical known to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm. Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure. Never use smokeless powder in black powder firearms. Since loading practices are beyond our control, we disclaim all liability for damages that may result. For 24 hour emergency response with Material Safety Data Information, call Chem-Tel at 1-800-255-3924.


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