Easy Full Plastic Jacket 209 Primer Loading Hand Tool


  • Tool to press 209 primers into Full Plastic Jackets™
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Easy Full Plastic Jacket 209 Primer Loading Hand Tool

The Full Plastic Jacket 209 Primer Loading Hand Tool takes the hassle out of loading your 209 shotshell primers. Make loading your primers a snap with our Easy Full Plastic Jacket 209 Primer Loading Hand Tool. This lightweight tool provides a simple way to quickly and efficiently load your 209 muzzleloader primer into your Full Plastic Jacket. Less hassling, more shooting! To Use: Simply insert Full Plastic Jacket into the slot in tool. Position 209 primer on top of the hole in the top of FPJ. Squeeze firmly to press primer into FPJ.

  • Simple and efficient design
  • Fits all 209 shotshell primers.
  • 100% American Made
  • Custom Molded In The USA!

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Knight Muzzleloader Full Plastic Jacket System Reliability

  • We put the Full Plastic Jacket™ through extreme testing by freezing it, heating it and submerging it underwater.
  • We froze the DISC Extreme with the Full Plastic Jacket with its #209 primer inserted on the nipple for four hours at -40°F. Then, we dropped the rifle on the butt end from four feet on a concrete floor three times. When the trigger was pulled, it sent an immediate firestorm in the in-line breech.
  • We slow-roasted it in an oven for four hours at 140°F and repeated the drop test. It fired instantaneously.
  • For the final test, we submerged the rifle in water for an hour and repeated the drop test. The results were the same—complete, absolute ignition. Simply put this is the best muzzleloader primer ignition system on the market. If you’ve not tried a Knight Rifle then what are you waiting for!
Click Here To See Test Results: Full Plastic Jacket Testing


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