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The LRM Peregrine Sage Brush Camo Muzzleloader from Knight Rifles

Includes a FREE Knight Rifle Case!

The Peregrine Muzzleloader is the next generation long-range muzzleloader hunters have long awaited.

Taking its namesake from the peregrine falcon, the Peregrine Muzzleloader is a reflection of the extreme velocity for which this bird of prey is renowned. While on the hunt, the peregrine falcon is the fastest animal in the world. This compact, deadly hunter spots its victims from far distances and swoops in for the kill with deadly force at a speed unmatched in nature.


In the same way, the Peregrine Muzzleloader is known for its impressive muzzle velocity of up to 3000ft/second. With this rifle comfortable in your hands, distance is not a factor. In fact, we guarantee every Peregrine will be MOA accurate at 500 yards. With a faster twist rate than most rifles of its kind (1-16), the Peregrine delivers the speed and accuracy you deserve in a long-range muzzleloader. *At 3,000ft/second, the load may not be your most accurate load for your gun.*


With its handsome stock of Sage Brush Camo made of solid carbon fiber, this muzzleloader is lightweight and extremely durable. The Peregrine is a 10mm (.40 caliber) rifle using a breech plug design–stainless steel with a carbide insert that gains longevity of the plug–delivering a lifetime of use. The handcrafted, American made 28” fluted barrel ensures every shot is powerful, fast, and accurate. All Knight Rifles are built with a Timney match-grade trigger, so you can guarantee each and every trigger pull feels like breaking glass.

Carrying on Knight’s legacy of creating products that are 100% American made, the Peregrine Muzzleloader by Knight Rifles is one muzzleloader that you will want to pack on hunting trips for the rest of your life and pass down through generations.

LRM-Peregrine: Sage Brush Camo Specifications

• 10mm (.40 Cal)

• 209 Bare Primer with Tungsten Carbide Sleeved Breech Plug

• 1:16″ Twist Rate

• 28″ Stainless Steel Helical Fluted Barrel

• Carbon Fiber Sage Brush Stock

• Includes Bullet Sizer and Sizer Wrench




ignition Bare 209 Primer & Tungsten Carbide Sleeved Breech Plug
caliber 10mm/.40 Cal
twist rate .40/1:16 in.
barrel type 28" Green Mountain 416SS Helical Fluted Barrel with Cantilever Lug
overall length 46.25"
length of pull 14"
weight 7.4 lb
sight Smooth Barrel/Optics Only
trigger Timney Match Grade Adjustable Poundage Hit Trigger
stock finish Solid carbon-fiber with a Sage Brush Camo


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