Original DISC 209 Muzzleloader Primer Ignition System


  • Pack of 100
  • Fits: Knight Original DISC Muzzleloader
  • 100% American Made

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This part will work on the following rifles:

Original DISC


The Original DISC 209 Muzzleloader Primer Ignition System for the Original DISC Knight Rifle eliminates the need for cappers.

The Original DISC 209 Muzzleloader Primer Ignition System makes loading and shooting easier. Absolute confidence is a feeling only the Knight shooter knows. We invented dependable DISC™ ignition in 1997—black powder shooters called it “the best ignition system on the most innovative muzzleloader of our time.”

Unlike traditional percussion caps, the DISC 209 primer ignition system uses our patented primer discs to house 209 shotshell primers. The result is lightning-hot ignition that deilvers MAGNUM performance. Whether you’re hunting in driving rain to arctic cold, you can count on the DISC system to provide more performance than other ignition systems. With the Original DISC, you simply open the bolt, drop in a pre-primed DISC and you’re ready to go.

DISC 209 Primer Ignition System:

  • Pack of 100
  • Fits all 209 shotshell primers.
  • Fits the Knight Original DISC
  • Custom Molded In The USA!

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Directions for Use

Prior to loading your muzleloader, make sure both safeties are in the safe position. Keep the rifle unloaded and pointed in a safe direciton. Always follow the rules of safe gun handling found in your owner’s manual.

Place a 209 shotshell primer face down on a smooth, flat surface. Then place a DISC (ribbed side down) over the primer. Press the DISC down with moderate pressure until the primer face is flush with the DISC. The DISC is now primed and ready for use. Open the bolt, insert the DISC and you are ready to go!

Muzzleloader Questions?

If you have questions about our Original DISC 209 Muzzleloader Primer Ignition System, please email us at sales@knightrifles.com.

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