RCX-1 Trail Camera

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RCX-1 Trail Camera Kit by Leupold

The new ruggedly durable RCX Trail Cameras are packed full of features. The silent digital shutter will impress you when it takes vibrant images with XD image quality in the blink of an eye. But it’s the time-saving extra long battery life, standard SDHC compatibility and instant recovery that will win your heart.

The new RCX Trail Camera System, with exclusive USB Controller/Viewer, could not be easier to use. No more guessing on alignment, counting blinking lights or scrolling through confusing mode options. The integrated RCX Trail Camera System is ready out of the box or customize it to fit your needs.


  • 8 megapixels
  • Camera angle: 54 degrees
  • PIR: 45 degrees
  • Maximum trigger range: 45 feet
  • Infared LED’s: 36
  • Video only (no audio)
  • Trigger speed: <1 sec
  • Lock-down Security Plate available seperately
  • Can accept up to 32gb SDHC memory cards


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