Vision Bare 209 Primer Muzzleloader Breech Plug


  • This 209 Breach Plug ONLY Fits: KP1, Shadow, and Vision.

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Bare 209 Primer Muzzleloader Breech Plug

Make your black powder rifle more versatile with the Vision Bare 209 Primer Muzzleloader Breech Plug from Knight Rifles. This muzzleloader breech plug converts almost all Knight rifles that use our patented Full Plastic Jacket, waterproof/waterproof technology so they can utilize a bare 209 Primer ignition system. This particular 209 breech plug fits best with our KP1, Shadow, and Vision series muzzle-loaders.

Nothing affects the performance of your muzzleloader more than the breech plug. Continuing in our tradition of bringing innovation to the muzzleloading industry, we redesigned our breech plugs to better accommodate modern black powders. Now you can shoot more and clean less with our Bare 209 Primer Muzzleloader Breech Plug! We are confident that Knight breech plugs deliver the best quality and reliability you can find on the market today! You can also expect superior quality since every single breech plug we sell is 100% American Made. Get yours today!

  • Converts most Knight Rifles that use a Full Plastic Jacket to utilize a bare 209 Primer ignition
  • The Breech Plug Fits: KP1, Shadow, and Vision

Note: Knight Mountaineer breech plugs are not interchangeable with Knight Disc Extreme Breech Plugs. This breach plug will not work with Knight Mountaineer Rifles. Please call us at 1-866-518-4181 if you are looking for a bare 209 Conversion System for your Knight Mountaineer.

Looking for a Bare 209 Primer Muzzleloader Breech Plug for your Knight Disc Extreme or Long Range Hunter? Click Here to shop for the Disc Extreme and Long Range Hunter.
Note: For safety reasons, all Knight breech plugs and/or breech plug kits cannot be returned or exchanged. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


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