Vision Freedom–.50 Caliber

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The Vision Freedom Break Action Muzzleloader is a great .50 cal. rifle with no casted components and an unbelievably smooth fully machined trigger, the quality you always get when you buy a Knight. Your shots are guaranteed at 200 yards with the Vision. The handcrafted, American-made, Green Mountain® barrel ensures every shot is powerful, fast, and accurate. The Freedom is 100% American made.

Vision Freedom Break Action Muzzleloader


ignition 209 Bare Primer
caliber .50 Cal
twist rate 50/1:28 in.
barrel type 24" 4140 Alloy Hand Crafted, Nitrided Barrel
overall length 44 in.
length of pull 14.25 in.
weight 7 lb, 9 oz
sight Fully Adjustable Metallic Fiber Optics
trigger Non-Adjustable; 3.5-4 lbs pull
stock finish Black Composite

Vision Freedom Break Action Muzzleloader:

  • Bare Primer Ignition System
  • Barrel Finish: 4140 Alloy Hand Crafted Nitrided Barrel
  • Ram Rod: Premium Carbon-Core Ramrod
  • Accuracy: Industry Leading 200 Yard Accuracy Guarantee! When you pick up a Knight, you can have confidence that it’s the most accurate muzzle-loader in the industry. That’s why we guarantee MOA Accuracy up to 200 yards with a developed load using a bullet available from Knight Rifles.

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