DISC & Vision Western Legal Muzzleloader Breech Plug


  • This Breech Plug fits: .50cal Western DISC & Knight Vision
  • Ignition System: Western No. 11 or Musket Cap

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This part will work on the following rifles:

Original DISC


The DISC & Vision Western Legal Muzzleloader Breech Plug
Keep your black powder rifle in top condition with the Western Legal Knight DISC Muzzleloader Breech Plug from Knight Rifles. This breech plug fits all Knight 50 caliber Western DISC muzzle loader models.

Nothing effects the performance of your muzzleloader more than the breech plug. Continuing in our tradition of bringing innovation to the muzzleloading industry, we redesigned our breech plugs to better accommodate modern black powders. Now you can shoot more and clean less! We are confident that Knight breech plugs deliver the best quality and reliability you can find on the market today! You can also expect superior quality since every single breech plug we sell is 100% American Made. Get yours today!

Western Legal Knight DISC Muzzleloader Breech Plug Features

  • Fits .50 cal Western DISC and Knight Vision
  • Fits: #11 and musket cap nipples
  • Hex head design

Note: Knight Western DISC® breech plugs are specifically designed for the Western DISC only. This breech plug may not work with other Knight models. Please call us at 1-866-518-4181 if you need any assistance finding the right breech plug for your rifle.
For safety reasons, all Knight breech plugs and/or breech plug kits cannot be returned or exchanged. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

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If you have questions about our Western Legal Knight DISC Muzzleloader Breech Plug please email us at sales@knightrifles.com.

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