Montana Muzzleloader Season

During the Montana Muzzleloader Hunting Season, a muzzleloader must not be capable of being loaded from the breech of the barrel and may not be loaded with any pre-prepared paper or metallic cartridges; must be charged with black powder, pyrodex, or an equivalent; must be ignited by a percussion, flintlock, matchlock, or Wheelock mechanism; must be…

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Wyoming Muzzleloader Season

During the Wyoming Muzzleloader Hunting Season, for taking of bighorn sheep, elk moose, mountain goat, black bear, grizzly bear, deer, mountain lion, antelope or gray wolf by the use of a firearm a hunter shall use: Any muzzle-loading rifle or muzzleloading pistol handgun of at least .40 caliber and firing a lead or expanding point…

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Wisconsin Muzzleloader Season

During the Wisconsin Muzzleloader Hunting Season, muzzleloaders that are discharged from the shoulder must be at least .45 caliber if smoothbore and .40 caliber or larger if the barrel is rifled, and must be loaded with a single ball or slug to be legal for deer hunting. During the 10-day m Wisconsin Muzzleloader Hunting Season muzzleloaders…

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West Virginia

West Virginia Muzzleloader Season

During the West Virginia Muzzleloader Hunting Season, only single shot muzzleloaders, including in-lines of .38 caliber or larger are legal. Telescopic sights are legal. A firearm that has been converted into a muzzleloader by use of a plug, or a double-barreled or swivel barreled muzzleloader is illegal for deer hunting during the muzzleloader season. West…

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Washington Muzzleloader Season

MUZZLELOADER REGULATION CHANGES FOR WASHINGTON STATE Washington State has passed a new regulation that allows the use of a modern 209 primer ignition system during their regular muzzleloader seasons. You can convert any of your current Knights to a 209 (FPJ) ignition. Using our 209 FPJ conversion kit, you can make your current Knight Rifle compatible…

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Virginia Muzzleloader

During the Virginia Muzzleloader Hunting Season, only muzzleloading firearms, .45 caliber or larger, loaded from the muzzle of the gun. Muzzleloading firearms must be single shot, capable of firing only a single bullet or saboted bullet (.38 caliber or larger). Flintlock, percussion, or electronic ignitions are permitted. Virginia Muzzleloader Hunting Season 2023-2024 Season Dates Early…

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Vermont Muzzleloader Season

During Vermont Muzzleloader Hunting Season, the definition of a Muzzleloading Firearm: A single-shot barrel rifle or smoothbore firearm with a minimum barrel length of 20 inches, designed to be fired from the shoulder or a single-point pistol with a minimum barrel length of 10 inches. Both rifle and pistol must be incapable of being loaded…

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Utah Muzzleloader

UTAH MUZZLELOADER HUNTING SEASON 2023-2024 Utah’s hunting seasons are currently underway. The mountains of Utah represent a beautiful background for the Beehive State’s vast hunting lands. The most beautiful landscapes of the United States are found in Utah’s portion of the Rocky Mountains, allowing you to explore beautiful nature and achieve a bountiful hunt. On top of…

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Texas Muzzleloader Season

During the Texas Muzzleloader Hunting Season, A Muzzleloader is defined as any firearm that is loaded only through the muzzle. Note: A cap and ball firearm in which the powder and ball are loaded into a cylinder is not a muzzleloader. Muzzleloader deer seasons are restricted to muzzleloading firearms only. Texas Muzzleloader Hunting Season 2023-2024…

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Tennessee Muzzleloader Season

Tennessee Muzzleloader Hunting Season 2023-2024 Season Dates MuzzleloaderGun Nov 4 – Nov 17Nov 18 – Jan 7 Hunting Season Updated for 2023-2024 CLICK HERE FOR A SUMMARY OF THE HUNTING SEASON Tennessee Muzzleloader Hunting Season Regulation Muzzleloading firearms (rifles or handguns) must be larger than a .36 caliber. During the Tennessee Muzzleloader Hunting Season, the…

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South Dakota

South Dakota Muzzleloader Season

During the South Dakota Muzzleloader Hunting Season, In seasons restricted to muzzleloading rifles, telescopic sights are not allowed. Telescopic sights are those sights that utilize magnification. Muzzleloading pistols are not legal. No person may hunt, shoot, shoot at, wound, kill, or pursue any big game animal with any muzzle loading rifle which is less than…

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South Carolina

South Carolina Muzzleloader

During South Carolina Muzzleloader Hunting Season, Special Primitive Weapons Seasons, primitive weapons include bow and arrow, crossbow and muzzle-loading shotguns (20 gauge or larger) and rifles (.36 caliber or larger) with open or peep sights or scopes, which use black powder or a black powder substitute that does not contain nitro-cellulose or nitro-glycerin components as…

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Rhode Island

Rhode Island Muzzleloader

 Rhode Island Muzzleloader Hunting Season SEASON DATES Muzzleloader October 28 – 29 (Youth only Zones 1, 2)November 4 – 26 (Zones 1, 2)December 26 – January 2, 2024 (Zones 1, 2 Private land only, antlerless deer only) Updated as of 2023-2024 Rhode Island Muzzleloader Hunting Season Regulations Druing the Rhode Island Muzzleloader Hunting Season, Firearms…

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Pennsylvania Muzzleloader Season

For the early Pennsylvania Muzzleloader Hunting Season any .44 caliber muzzleloader rifle or a .50 caliber handgun with an ignition system traditional or modern flintlock, caplock, matchlock, in-line or wheel-lock style. Scopes and fiber optics are permitted as well as any ball, bullet and sabot rounds. For the Flintlock Muzzleloader season any flintlock ignition, single-barrel long…

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Oregon Muzzleloader Season

Oregon Muzzleloader Hunting Season 2024 REGION OPEN SEASON TAG REQUIRED BAG LIMIT OPEN AREA Western(General Season) Oct. 5 – Nov. 8 General Any Legal Weapon Western Oregon Tag One buck with visible antler Units 10 – 30. Eastern(Controlled Season) Consult controlled hunt tables Controlled 100 Series Deer Tag Consult controlled hunt tables Consult controlled hunt…

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Oklahoma Muzzleloader Season

During the Oklahoma Muzzleloader Hunting Season, muzzleloading rifles, muzzleloading shotguns or muzzleloading pistols must be: .40 caliber or larger rifle or pistol, or 20-gauge or larger shotgun, firing a single slug or ball that is loaded from the muzzle. Oklahoma Muzzleloader Hunting Season 2023-2024 BIG GAME SEASON DEER & ELK BEAR* ANTELOPE Archery Oct. 1…

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Ohio Muzzleloader Season

The Ohio muzzleloader season is a great time for black powder enthusiasts to hunt deer, wild turkey and other big game. Early season hunting is the best time to go after deer since they haven’t been spooked off by other shots and hunters yet. During the Ohio Muzzleloader Hunting Season, a muzzleloading rifle must be…

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North Dakota

North Dakota Muzzleloader Seasons

During the North Dakota Muzzleloader Hunting Season, Muzzleloading long guns of .45 caliber or larger, and handguns .50 caliber or larger, loaded through the muzzle, with flint or percussion ignition, firing black powder or black powder substitutes are legal. Smokeless powders are not legal. Telescopic sights are prohibited. No magnification (1x) scopes are legal. Muzzleloading…

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North Carolina

North Carolina Muzzleloader Season

In the North Carolina Muzzleloader Hunting Season rules, Muzzleloading pistols are not legal for hunting, but all Muzzleloader rifles and Shotguns are. North Carolina Muzzleloader Hunting Season 2023-2024 ZONE ARCHERY BLACKPOWDER GUN Western Sept. 9 – Oct. 1Oct. 15 – Nov. 19Dec. 10 – Jan. 1, 2024 Oct. 2 – Oct. 14 Nov. 20 –…

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New York

New York Muzzleloader Season

During the New York Muzzleloader Hunting Season, a muzzleloading rifle or pistol (including smoothbore muzzleloaders) is loaded through the muzzle, shooting a single projectile and having a bore of .44 inches or larger. Double-barreled muzzleloaders and percussion cap revolvers are not legal during the special muzzleloading season. If you hunt with a single-shot muzzleloading pistol, you must…

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