The regulations for Colorado state’s muzzleloader season have been updated to determine that a minimum of .50 caliber is now required for hunting elk and moose with cone-shaped projectiles, and .54 caliber for any ball or round projectiles.

From the CPW website:

A. The following are legal methods of take for all species and seasons listed in this chapter, except as otherwise noted. Any method of take not listed herein shall be prohibited, except as otherwise provided by statute or these regulations: 
2. Muzzle-loading rifles and smoothbore muskets, provided the minimum caliber shall be forty (.40) for all big game except elk and moose when hunting with conical bullets and fifty (.50) caliber when hunting with round ball bullets.  The minimum caliber for elk and moose shall be fifty (.50) when hunting with conical bullets and fifty-four (.54) when hunting with round ball bullets. All muzzle-loading rifles and smoothbore muskets from forty (.40) caliber through fifty (.50) caliber must use a bullet of at least 170 grains in weight.  All muzzle-loading rifles and smoothbore muskets greater than fifty (.50) caliber must use bullets of at least 210 grains in weight.

These regulations took effect January 2018. Please visit the CPW regulations page for more details.

Colorado Muzzleloader Hunting Season

General Muzzleloader Season:

2019 Muzzleloader Season in Colorado:

Deer/Elk/Moose                    September 14 – 22

Plains Deer east of I-25       October 12 – 20

Pronghorn                              September 21 – 29

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Colorado Muzzleloader Hunting Season

An interactive version of the Big Game Regulations brochure, including bear, deer, elk and pronghorn, is available. Features include videos, publication search, links and magnification options for easy reading.
There is also a PDF version (10MB) available for your convenience. The Colorado Big Game Hunting Planner is an easy-to-read two-page summary of season dates, fees, and application dates and deadlines.
It can be saved and printed for easy reference as you plan your hunt during the Colorado Muzzleloader Hunting Season.

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Colorado Muzzleloader Hunting Season Dates

General Muzzleloader Seasons:

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