Rhode Island

 Rhode Island Muzzleloader Hunting Season

MuzzleloaderOctober 28 – 29 (Youth only Zones 1, 2)November 4 – 26 (Zones 1, 2)December 26 – January 2, 2024 (Zones 1, 2 Private land only, antlerless deer only)
Updated as of 2023-2024

Rhode Island Muzzleloader Hunting Season Regulations

Druing the Rhode Island Muzzleloader Hunting Season, Firearms for muzzleloader deer season are limited to .45 caliber or larger. Using percussion caplock, flintlock, and in-line ignition systems using percussion caps, rifle, or shotshell primers. Only single barrel or double barrel firearms that must be loaded from the muzzle are allowed. Ammunition for muzzleloader deer season is limited to a single projectile, including round ball, or maxi ball type projectiles. Sabot rounds for muzzleloader firearms are permitted using lead, jacketed or solid copper bullets according to manufacturer’s specifications. Powder is limited to manufacturers’ specifications. Telescopic sights are permitted. Possession of modern shotgun shotshells while hunting is prohibited. A muzzleloader is considered unloaded when the percussion cap, primer or pan powder is removed. Rhode Island offers some really great opportunities to hunt big game early in the year, especially before other hunters come in and spook the animals which will make them harder to hunt.

Deer Hunting

All Outdoors Permit Package for the Rhode Island Muzzleloader Hunting Season

Resident Hunters may purchase one (1) “All Outdoors Package Permit” (AO) for use in Deer Management Zones 1 and 2 to take up to 8 deer during the established seasons. All Outdoor Permits are available only from DEM Division of Licensing (401-222-6647).

The Season Limit on Antlered Bucks is two (2) statewide and may be taken by AO permit holders in any combination during the appropriate open season. Hunters will be issued 2 All Outdoors Antlered Deer/Buck Permits.

Hunters will also be issued six (6) All Outdoors Antlerless permits that may be used in any combination statewide to take antlerless deer.

Rhode Island Muzzleloader Hunting Season

This information is subject to change, for more information visit: http://www.dem.ri.gov/index.htm

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