During Vermont Muzzleloader Hunting Season, the definition of a Muzzleloading Firearm: A single-shot barrel rifle or smoothbore firearm with a minimum barrel length of 20 inches, designed to be fired from the shoulder or a single-point pistol with a minimum barrel length of 10 inches. Both rifle and pistol must be incapable of being loaded from the breach without the use of tools, and must have a minimum bore diameter of .43 inches and an ignition system traditional or modern flintlock, caplock, matchlock, in-line or wheellock style. Black Powder or another suitable not-smokeless propellant, and a single ball or bullet. The Muzzleloading firearm shall be considered loaded when it has been charged with powder and projectile and is primed or capped. If you’re a black powder hunter in Vermont you have a lot of opportunities to hunt great game in the state.

Vermont Muzzleloader Hunting Season 2023-2024

Muzzleloader – AntlerlessOct 26 – Oct 29
MuzzleloaderDec 2 – Dec 10
Hunting Season Updated for 2023-2024


Vermont Muzzleloader Hunting Season Registration

“Hunting” in Vermont means deer hunting. Almost all of the state’s 65,000 resident hunters hunt deer at some point during the fall and more bucks are taken per square mile in Vermont than in any other New England state. The November rifle season, which allows a hunter to take one legal buck with at least one antler having two or more points, is Vermont’s basic deer season. Vermont is a great state to hunt deer in. 

Vermont’s deer herd is managed to minimize winter mortality and to improve both herd and forest health. For years “bucks-only” hunting resulted in the herd booming or crashing, depending upon winter severity. Now, regulated antlerless deer hunting through either-sex archery hunting, the youth deer weekend and a controlled permit system during the muzzleloading season.

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