During the Wisconsin Muzzleloader Hunting Season, muzzleloaders that are discharged from the shoulder must be at least .45 caliber if smoothbore and .40 caliber or larger if the barrel is rifled, and must be loaded with a single ball or slug to be legal for deer hunting. During the 10-day m Wisconsin Muzzleloader Hunting Season muzzleloaders must have a solid threaded breech plug making them capable of being loaded only from the muzzle.

Wisconsin Muzzleloader Hunting Season

MuzzleloaderNov 28 – Dec 7
Hunting Season Updated for 2022-2023

This information is subject to change, for more information CLICK HERE

Wisconsin Muzzleloader Hunting Season Regulations

Telescopic sights are legal to use on muzzleloaders during any firearm deer season, note: inline muzzleloaders are legal to use during the 10-day muzzleloader hunt with black powder or any black powder substitutes. Muzzleloaders may be used statewide in all areas open to hunting deer with guns.

Muzzleloading handguns must be .44 caliber or larger with a minimum barrel length of 7, measured from muzzle to breech face, and fire a single projectile weighing 138 grains or more to be legal for deer hunting. Black powder revolvers are legal, but not for hunting deer during the 10-day muzzleloader-only season because they are capable of being loaded by the cylinder instead of the muzzle.

This information is subject to change,

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