During South Carolina Muzzleloader Hunting Season, Special Primitive Weapons Seasons, primitive weapons include bow and arrow, crossbow and muzzle-loading shotguns (20 gauge or larger) and rifles (.36 caliber or larger) with open or peep sights or scopes, which use black powder or a black powder substitute that does not contain nitro-cellulose or nitro-glycerin components as the propellant charge; there are no restrictions on ignition systems (e.g. Flintstone, percussion cap, shotgun primer, disk, electronic, etc.). During primitive weapons season, no revolving rifles are permitted. South Carolina offers some great hunting during the muzzleloader season for any black powder fan.

South Carolina Muzzleloader Hunting Season Regulations

General Muzzleloader Seasons:

Primitive Weapons: October 1st Р10th РPrivate Lands РClick here for more information.


Deer Rules and Regulations

All harvested deer must be tagged at the point of kill prior to being transported.

Antlered bucks statewide limit:

Residents – 2 per day, 5 total all seasons and methods combined.

Nonresidents – 2 per day, 4 total all seasons and methods combined.

Antlerless deer – limit 2 per day. Must be tagged with date specific Antlerless Deer Tag or optional Individual Antlerless Deer Tag. Only one (1) Individual Antlerless Deer Tag may be used in Game Zone 1. Tags are valid in Game Zones 2, 3, and 4 beginning Sept. 15 and in Game Zones 1 beginning Oct. 1. Individual tags are not valid on properties enrolled for anterless deer in the Deer Quota Program. Individual tags do not alter the daily (2 per day) or seasonal limit or change the type of weapon that can be used during special weapons seasons.

Limits listed include deer taken on private and WMA lands.

Limits listed do not apply to quota deer taken on properties enrolled in the Deer Quota Program.

Sunday hunting allowed on private lands.

Archery and crossbows allowed during all seasons.

Crossbows are considered archery equipment.

In Game Zones 1 and 2 it is unlawful to pursue deer with dogs.

Baiting or hunting deer over bait is permitted on private lands statewide.


This information is subject to change, for more information visit: http://www.dnr.sc.gov/

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