American Made Knight Rifles World-Record Breaking Buck

American Made Knight Muzzleloader Takes World-Record Buck

All hunters dream of the one. The prize buck that will one day step into their sights. The big one the world will always remember. That dream came true last November for 27-year-old sportsman Stephen Tucker of Gallatin, TN. He had just finished working out on the farm he and his family lease when he […]

Converting 54 Caliber Muzzleloaders Using Conversion Kits

Converting your .54 Cal Ignition System? In this post we talk about Converting 54 Caliber Muzzleloaders Using Conversion Kits. We get a lot of questions from folks who own a .54 caliber Knight that has the #11 or musket cap ignition system but would like to convert to the FPJ 209 ignition system. Knight offers these in […]

Scouting pre turkey muzzleloader hunting season

Hunting wild turkey has been around even before the European settlers arrived in North America. There are many stories that describe several Native American tribes’ hunting of the elusive game bird. But today, Turkey can be sly and hard to find, so scouting pre turkey muzzleloader hunting season is a must. The wild turkey population had been all […]

Muzzleloader Straight Pull Plunger Style Action

In this part of the Welcome to Knight series we are talking about the Muzzleloader Straight Pull Plunger Style Action – also called the Plunger Style Action – which is available on the Bighorn, Littlehorn and the TK2000 Knight muzzleloaders. The pull type system functions by pulling the hammer assembly back from the receiver until it […]

Welcome to Knight – Bolt Action and Safety System

Hello everyone! We here at Knight hope you all had a great 2015 season! Let’s kick off the new year right with a new entry to our Welcome to Knight Series! In this one we will be discussing the bolt action and its corresponding safety systems. The bolt action has been designed for easy removal […]

Welcome to Knight – The Littlehorn

In this part of the Welcome to Knight series we are going to discuss the Knight Littlehorn Muzzleloader. The Littlehorn Muzzleloader is perfect for the up-and-coming muzzleloader hunter or small adult. The little brother to the Bighorn, the Littlehorn offers shorter stock options and a barrel to fit the smaller hunter. This short but nimble […]

Welcome to Knight – The TK2000

The TK2000 Realtree Xtra Green Straight Stock Muzzleloader is the most advanced black powder shotgun on the market, the TK2000® features an exclusive extra-full choke and a beautiful Realtree Xtra Green camo pattern. Designed for 40 yards and beyond, the choke allows 85% shot density in a 30″ circle at 40 yards! If you’re looking […]

Welcome to Knight – The Bighorn

In this part of the Welcome to Knight series we visit the versatile and reliable Bighorn. The Bighorn Muzzleloader offers a lot of gun at an affordable price. The Bighorn ® uses a simple cocking system to provide easy performance, with lightning quick speed and nimble characteristics. The plunger style action ensures a reliable fire, while the […]

Welcome to Knight – The Vision

The Vision Break Action Muzzleloader is a great .50 cal. rifle with no casted components and an unbelievably smooth fully machined trigger, the quality you always get when you buy a Knight. Your shots are guaranteed at 200 yards with the Vision. The handcrafted, American-made, Green Mountain® barrel ensures every shot is powerful, fast, and […]

Welcome to Knight – The DISC Extreme

The Knight DISC Extreme has long been the standard in modern black powder rifles. The DISC Extreme is a workhorse that has been proven to work in even the most treacherous environments. Each DISC Extreme embodies the beauty of American manufacturing with individually machined bolts, Easton® Carbon Core ramrods and a selection of beautiful laminate […]

Knight Ultra Lite Muzzleloader

The Knight Ultra Lite Muzzleloader is known by many to be the finest, safest, and most accurate black powder rifles ever made. This tradition continues with the Ultra-Lite Muzzleloader. Weighing in at a total of 6 lbs. the Ultra-Lite is one of the lightest muzzleloaders on the market. Each black powder rifle embodies the beauty […]

Welcome to Knight – The Mountaineer

Power, Style, Safety & Accuracy. Many promise they can deliver, but few actually do. What if you could have a muzzleloader that not only provided deadly stopping power, pinpoint accuracy, safety while hunting and then at the end of the day looked great hanging over the mantle? You can have that with the Mountaineer from […]