Muzzleloader Regulation Changes for Washington State

Muzzleloader Regulation Changes for Washington State

Muzzleloader Regulation Changes for Washington State

There are new Muzzleloader regulation changes for Washington State have recently passed. The new regulation allows the use of a modern 209 primer ignition system during their regular muzzleloader seasons. This is good news for those in Washington State. You can convert now any of your current Knights to a 209 (FPJ) ignition. Using our 209 FPJ conversion kit, you can make your current Knight Rifle compatible with the 209 ignition system.

These rules and regulations apply to all using a muzzleloader in Washington State:

  • Muzzleloading firearms are loaded from the muzzle and use black powder or a black powder substitute. Muzzleloading firearms must be wheel lock, matchlock, flintlock, or percussion lock. A percussion lock firearm must use original-style percussion caps that fit on the nipple and are exposed to the weather. “Exposed to the weather” means the percussion cap or the frizzen must be visible and cannot be covered or enclosed by an integral part of the muzzleloading firearm proper. Telescopic sights are not allowed.
  • Muzzleloading firearms for deer hunting must be at least .40 caliber. However, buckshot, size #1 or larger, may be used in a smoothbore of .60 caliber or larger.
  • Muzzleloading firearms used for all other big game hunting must be .45 or larger.
  • Only one barrel of a double-barrel muzzleloading firearm may be loaded while hunting big game during any muzzleloading season.
  • A muzzleloading handgun used for big game must be .45 or larger, with a barrel length of at least eight inches, and capable of being loaded with 45 grains or more of black powder or a black powder substitute.

For up-to-date regulations and hunting season dates, check the full Washington State hunting season page.

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