• .45Cal Full Plastic Jacket
  • Washington State, New Mexico, and Colorado laws: 209 Ignition or Western Ignition Only. Sights Only, No Optics.
  • 100% American Made Muzzleloaders.
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The Ultra-lite Brown Muzzleloader from Knight Rifles

The Ultra-lite Brown Stock Muzzleloader .45Cal Full Plastic Jacket – For other variations of the Ultra-lite Brown visit our Muzzleloader Page.

Knight muzzleloaders are traditionally known by many to be the finest, safest, and most accurate black powder rifles ever made. This tradition continues with our latest rifle, the Brown Ultra-Lite™ Muzzleloader. Weighing in at a total of 6 lbs. the Ultra-Lite is one of the lightest muzzleloaders on the market. Each black powder rifle embodies the beauty of American manufacturing with features like ornate, individually machined bolts, carbon core ramrods, and a selection of super light Bell & Carlson Kevlar stocks that give a look and feel of perfection. In addition to the aluminum bedding in the stocks the Ultra-Lite™ sports a 24″ contoured free floating Green Mountain Barrel which guarantees accuracy. The Ultra-Lite™ is also available as a Western ready model, equipped for legal shooting in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, and features a Williams Fully Adjustable Metallic Fiber Optic Sight Set. We are so confident in our quality and accuracy that we guarantee every Ultra-Lite made will have MOA accuracy up to 200 yards—something the competition can’t say. Every rifle is custom built by one of our Master gun builders and typically ships in 2 weeks. This combination of beauty and accuracy is only available with Knight, where from the smallest screw to the stock and barrel, everything is 100% American made.


The Knight Ultra-Lite™: Light as a Feather, Deadly as Hell.

Brown Ultra-Lite Muzzleloader


ignition Full Plastic Jacket
caliber .45 Cal
barrel type 24" Stainless Steel Contoured Free Floating, Nitride Finish
overall length 41.75 in.
length of pull 13.5 in.
weight 6 lb
sight Williams Fully Adjustable Metallic Fiber Optic Sight Set
trigger Fully Adjustable
stock finish Bell & Carlson Kevlar Olive Green, Grey, & Brown

Brown Ultra-Lite™ Muzzleloader features

  • Stock Finish: Bell & Carlson Kevlar Stock (available in Olive Green, Grey, and Brown)
  • Non-Western Optics: Scope Only (sight holes are NOT pre-drilled).
  • Western Optics: Williams Fully Adjustable Metallic Fiber Optic Sight Set
  • Barrel Finish: Solid 416 Stainless Steel – Match Grade Green Mountain Barrel
  • Bolt: Individually Machined (Not Cast)
  • Ram Rod: Easton Carbon Core Ramrod With Reverse Threaded Extendable Full Brass Jag
  • Weather Protection: DynaTek Coating On Exterior Of The Barrel
  • Accuracy: Guaranteed MOA Accuracy to 200 yards!



This barrel is coated with Dyna-Tek

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If you have questions about our Brown Ultra-Lite Muzzleloader, please email us at sales@knightrifles.com.

Knight Rifles, America’s Muzzleloader!

*Please Note:

The Firearms and Ammunition Excise Tax (FAET) is a tax imposed by Chapter 32 of the Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. 4181) on the sale of firearms and ammunition by manufacturers, producers, and importers. Black powder rifles are considered a firearm under this tax code.