North Carolina

In the North Carolina Muzzleloader Hunting Season rules, Muzzleloading pistols are not legal for hunting, but all Muzzleloader rifles and Shotguns are.

North Carolina Muzzleloader Hunting Season 2022-2023

Blackpowder – Northeastern/Southeastern DeerOct 1 – Oct 14
Blackpowder – Center DeerOct29 – Nov 11
Blackpowder – Northwestern DeerNov 5 – Nov 18
Blackpowder – Western DeerOct 3 – Oct 15
Hunting Season Updated for 2022-2023

Season and limits located HERE

North Carolina Muzzleloader Hunting Season Regulations

The Hunter Education Program of the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission provides free hunter education courses throughout the year in every county. More than a firearm safety course, instruction includes ethics and responsibility, conservation and wildlife management, wildlife identification, survival and first aid, specialty hunting and tree stand safety.Hunter Education

There are no minimum age requirements, however, classes are taught at a sixth grade level and tests must be completed without assistance. Courses are a minimum of 6 hours, taught by wildlife officers, hunter education specialists and certified volunteer instructors, and certification is accepted in every state and province in North America.

Due to hunter education, hunting accidents have decreased by over 50% during the last twenty years making hunting one of the safest recreational activities.

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