Our friends at Final Descent Outdoors just made the record books! Pro staffer Jason Cariker has been chasing this elusive buck for over three years and yesterday this 3 year hunt came to and end. Jason (based in Stradford, OK) was able to take this massive buck in Oklahoma with his Knight Disc Extreme muzzleloader and caught the whole hunt on tape! With a score of 202 4/8″ this 100% free chase hunt yielded what many believe will be one of Oklahoma largest recorded bucks to date. We can’t wait to see the upcoming Final Descent Outdoors episode so we can experience this hunt first hand! Jason Cariker has been with Final Descent Outdoors for over two years not only as an owner but as a pro staffer. Jason is an avid bowhunter and has taken great bucks on camera for Final Descent Outdoors in Texas and Oklahoma.  When he’s not hunting Jason runs a family owned a construction business and is an advocate for foster parenting in the state of Oklahoma.

Final Descent Outdoors

Final Descent Outdoors

Final Descent Outdoors was formed in 2009 with a goal to not only produce great outdoor television but to represent the Creator of it all, God. As a faith based program we want to be a positive message through our words as well as our actions on and off camera. We pride ourselves on keeping our priorities straight. Faith, Family, and Hunting. Serving our churches, providing for our families, and using our God given passion for hunting to reach outdoorsman for The Lord. Our passion at Final Descent Outdoors is hunting big game. We pride ourselves on being average Joe’s who have to work for the deer we harvest.  We consistently harvest monster whitetail through the Midwest as well as give the occasional elk, bear, mule deer, antelope, and hog a chase as well.

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By Jones Beene