In this part of our Welcome to Knight series we are discussing recommended muzzleloader loads. It’s so important to understand what type of loads and grains of black powder to use with your Knight Muzzleloader. Because putting in too much could damage your rifle. Adding too little and you won’t get the maximum result you need out in the field. So let us jump right in and learn more about proper loads!

Recommended Muzzleloader Loads

Knight® Rifles perform best between 90 and 150 grains of Black Powder, and industry approved black powder substitutes. See maximum recommended load for specific models.

WARNING! Never use smokeless powder. It can cause your muzzleloader to explode!

When determining the best load for your Knight® Rifle, follow these steps:

1.) Determine which game you intend to hunt and what bullet weight you intend to use.

WARNING! Knight® Rifles does not recommend the use of non-saboted lead projectiles. These bullets can easily be moved from the powder charge. This results in an obstructed barrel, and upon firing, could cause and explosion. If you choose or legally have to shoot non-saboted lead projectiles, always check that your projectile is properly seated immediately before priming and firing.

2.) Sight in your rifle. Start with 100 grains of Black Powder and industry approved black powder substitutes, loose powder or pellets. If you don’t achieve the desired results, go up or down in 10 grain increments and try sighting again.

Recommended Loads for the TK2000™

Recommended Muzzleloader Loads.

Use the following chart as a reference to assist you in determining what Knight bullet to use for what game. Ultimately, you must decide what works best for you.

Recommended Muzzleloader Loads.

NOTE: All bullets are assumed to be in Knight’s® High Pressure Sabots™.

Recommended Muzzleloader Loads.

1.) Knight® Rifles are designed to perform best with Black Powder FFg, and industry approved black powder substitutes.

2.) Smaller Bullet weights provide flatter trajectory, but may not be as accurate as the heavier, longer bullets.

3.) Heavier bullets wgive better penetration and more energy transfer and are more suited to heavier powder charges.

Ballistics Chart

Recommended Muzzleloader Loads.

Bloodline Bullet Ballistics Chart

Bloodline Bullet Ballistics Chart

Happy hunting!

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